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Energy Star
EESI is a U.S. EPA Energy Star Buildings Ally.

Association of Energy Engineers
George Owens is a past president of "Association of Energy Engineers", an "Energy Manager of the Year" and an "Energy Managers Hall of Fame" inductee.


Utility Allocation Program
by George R. Owens, PE, CEM


  • Accurately allocate utility costs amongst users
  • Reduce tenant billing disputes
  • Improve timeliness of billing information
  • Satisfy lease obligations
  • Provide 3rd party "expert" independence
  • Maximize recovery of utility expenses
Action Steps

  • Review lease language
  • Evaluation of landlord's and tenants' utility systems
  • Assemble historical utility allocation methodology
  • Interview to determine current industry knowledge
    • Marketing and Sales management
    • Customer Reps (sampling)
    • Regulated and/or unregulated entities
  • Review current Building Marketing Plan
  • Obtain listing of properties, ownership, loads, etc.
  • Deliver an in-depth report with analysis of existing plan and recommendations for future improvements
Ongoing Support

The long term success of this program is dependant on Management's commitment to developing a systematic approach, consistently applied, with periodic reviews.

  • Update the utility allocation methodology whenever significant changes occur to the system
  • Fielding questions throughout the year by tenants, management and accounting
  • Assist in the settlement of tenant billing disputes

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