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Energy Star
EESI is a U.S. EPA Energy Star Buildings Ally.

Association of Energy Engineers
George Owens is a past president of "Association of Energy Engineers", an "Energy Manager of the Year" and an "Energy Managers Hall of Fame" inductee.


Energy Administration Quality Control Program
by George R. Owens, PE, CEM


  • Maximize recovery of utility expenses
  • Accurately allocate utility costs amongst users
  • Reduce tenant billing disputes
  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of billing information
  • Satisfy lease obligations
  • Provide 3rd party "expert" independence
Action Steps
Baseline Evaluation

  • Review existing standards and procedures
  • Interview Energy Administrator and Staff
  • Profile Users of the information and obtain feedback
  • Sample audit for accuracy randomly selected locations, tenants, rate schedules, allocations, factors and billings
  • Deliver a detailed report of findings and recommendations
  • Develop an in-house quality control program and tools to measure of results
  • Work with the Energy Administration Department to implement a quality control program
Ongoing Support
The long-term success of this program is dependant on Management's commitment to developing a systematic approach, consistently applied with periodic reviews. Implement a third party monthly, quarterly and annual Quality Control Checkups.

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