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Energy Star
EESI is a U.S. EPA Energy Star Buildings Ally.

Association of Energy Engineers
George Owens is a past president of "Association of Energy Engineers", an "Energy Manager of the Year" and an "Energy Managers Hall of Fame" inductee.

Energy Papers

Electric Industry Deregulation:
  • The Ten Step Program to Successful Utility Deregulation for Building Owners and Managers
  • Utility Deregulation 10 Lessons Learned the Hard Way - Power Point
  • Utility Deregulation and Energy Management - Power Point
  • Utility Deregulation - An Integral Component of the Energy Master Plan - Word Document

    Energy Management Systems:
  • Energy Management 2001
  • Energy Management 2005
  • Self-Optimizing Control
  • What Is All the Fuss About Interoperability? BACnet From an End Users Perspective

    Energy Management:
  • The Energy Task Force - Managing Energy Through Effective Management - Word Document
  • Performance Contracting and Energy System Outsourcing - Word Document
  • Energy Management for Shopping Centers - Word Document
  • Energy is NOT an Uncontrollable Expense - Word Document

    Other Topics:
  • O&M Pays, Commissioning Helps
  • Commissioning, O&M and Other Energy Services in a Deregulated Utility Market - Word Document
  • The Next 100 Checklist
  • Customer Service in the Electrical Testing Industry

    Huh? (A little Humor on Deregulation)
  • George Owens Top Ten Reasons For Switching Utilities

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