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Energy Star
EESI is a U.S. EPA Energy Star Buildings Ally.

Association of Energy Engineers
George Owens is a past president of "Association of Energy Engineers", an "Energy Manager of the Year" and an "Energy Managers Hall of Fame" inductee.


HVAC, Electrical and Energy Projects
by George R. Owens, PE, CEM


HVAC, electrical and Energy projects are complex and, if not installed properly, will not perform to satisfy the needs of the building owner, tenants and customers. This program's objectives are:
  • To insure that the project is completed and per plans and specifications
  • Reduce tenant and occupant complaints
  • Minimize operating, maintenance and energy expenses
Action Steps
  • Obtain and review construction documents and design
  • Review project on site
  • Interview on-site personnel
  • Document construction completion
  • Review plans for training, operations and maintenance
  • Deliver an in-depth report with details of findings and recommendations
  • Meet with the client and the construction team to deliver findings and to develop an action plan to implement findings
Ongoing Support
The long term success of this program is dependant on Management's commitment to developing a cost-effective program, implementing it efficiently and periodically reviewing the status through a process of constant quality improvement. The extent of the On-going Support Options would depend on the complexity of the system.
  • A formal Commissioning program will provide a more comprehensive start-up, optimization and training and would further reduce tenant and customer complaints as well as reducing operating and maintenance costs.
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual reviews would insure that the system continues to operate efficiently and reliably over its life expectancy.

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