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Energy Star
EESI is a U.S. EPA Energy Star Buildings Ally.

Association of Energy Engineers
George Owens is a past president of "Association of Energy Engineers", an "Energy Manager of the Year" and an "Energy Managers Hall of Fame" inductee.


EESI is an energy and engineering consulting firm with a goal to provide cost-effective solutions to a variety of clients. EESI would like to be your one-stop provider for all of your energy and engineering needs. I have designed a program that will present cost-effective solutions to your specific needs. EESI prides itself in being an independent source of advice in the complex and ever-changing world of Utility Deregulation, Energy Services, Engineering and Operations support.

After spending the last twenty plus years in the energy management field as an in-house ESCO in the commercial sector, with an additional nine years as an electrical engineer to industry, I am providing energy and engineering services to multiple clients. Energy programs and technologies; engineering for energy, HVAC and electrical systems; utility deregulation; shopping center utility programs; training; and utility programs are currently being offered. I have a track record of saving millions of dollars every year for the companies I have worked for. Now it is time for me to put that knowledge base to work for the benefit of others.

From Energy Management through Operations and Maintenance programs with Utility Deregulation and Energy Services thrown in, EESI is your independent source of reliable and cost effective advice and solutions. Our Portfolio of Services outline will give you some idea of the types of projects and programs that we are delivering. Of course, these programs will be customized to your exact requirements to achieve optimum results at a competitive cost. Savings from these programs will often pay for their costs compared to the alternatives of doing nothing or using another consulting service. New programs are being developed and added daily.

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